CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

A CBSE School Established for Laying Foundation for Global Professional Leaders. We as one among the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad focus on Holistic Development of children with blended mix of intellectual and moral training that systematically enlarges the spheres of cognizance, develops character as well as mental volition. Evolve a definite pattern on relationship between an individual and the society. We promote the pursuit of excellence and create an ethos that encourages high academic standards, develop a thirst for knowledge and a passion for self reliance. Children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of classroom and develop the global perspective on life which has become the traits of CSIS School. Apart from this, we put focus on inculcating values, discipline, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

CBSE Schools in hyderabad

CBSE Schools hyderabad

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We believe in contributing to a value based generation of young adults as leaders for nation spearheading as successful global leaders. The extensive planning and meticulous implementation by our committed team makes us unique and one of the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad.

The school derives its educational influence from an eclectic path that attempts to synthesize, select and draw together aspects, ideas and values from different philosophies of education.The school attempts to blend both traditional and contemporary, western and eastern philosophical traditions for raising a child as responsible citizen and serve the Nation with self esteem. We strongly believe child development is optimal when there is dedicated and collaborative effort from both TEACHERS at school and PARENTS at home as one team.

At CSIS, We encourage children to make informed choices and to make them freely. Help children discover alternatives when faced with choices, weigh alternatives thoughtfully reflecting on the consequences of each alternative. Encourage children to consider what it is that they prize and cherish, give them opportunities to affirm their choices, encourage them to act, behave and live in accordance with their choices.