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Education, by and large, encapsulates the parameters of mental vision, attitude, perception and goal setting in the life process. It helps to unfold the latent powers and potential of an individual hidden within. Growth being a never ending process requires a constant cherishment of experience. True education should, therefore, help us to reconstruct and reorganize rich experiences for future needs through creative activity. The success of an organization, therefore, is largely dependent on ethnics of personality and a high fidelity system based on faith and trust of the parents.

As an organization, Candor Shrine, does not idle its time and energy forecasting the future of educational industry in which it operates nor views the future as predestined fate but as an infinite series of openings of possibilities to succeed with ‘practical intelligence’ and ‘constant preparedness’. Candor Shrine was established in 2013 with an objective of preparing the young minds to face the life challenges through educational excellence and human values under sagacious guidance and personal integrity of teaching fraternity.

The school system promises the students a developmental path and assures them of better quality of life through excellent educational endeavours. Activities of confidence building among the students with consideration in all aspects relating to education, employment and entrepreneurship development are truthfully worked out and sincerely implemented through our inbuilt infrastructure and knowledge corridor.

A partial use of information technology and communication resources through e-learning modules, audio-visual lab, Linguistic Lab, Computer Lab, Science Labs and Library content make the curriculum fool-proof and aims at holistic development of the child. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities like….. Dramatics, Music, Dance, Decoration & Designing, Quiz, Debates, Sports & Games etc., form a part of the students’ tools of organizational study.

We strongly believe in ‘function’ rather than ‘form’ and binds every member of the team through love and respect. Our words of appreciation act like perfume to every disappointed soul reminding of the strategies of ‘command and control’.

The School’s run in CBSE (English Medium) to cater the educational needs of the aspiring student and enthusiastic parent communities and to assist them in meeting the global challenges confronted in this era of cutthroat competitive world. In bringing a semblance of transparency in the selection process, students from fluctuating fortunes are given a protective hand in admissions.

The management of Candor Shrine visualizes that with combined and committed missionary efforts put up by the teachers and the learned, the future national leaders can be made by our meticulously planned, systematically designed and constantly supervised activities implemented in and outside the classroom arena. The synergy of team sprit comes largely from that trust and co-ordination among the members of the team when seemingly ordinary people develop capacity for extraordinary performance. It’s mission is to adopt practical approach to self-learning academic curriculum to strike a balance in academics, co-curricular and personality development enabling every child to be a global leader.

Our Aim and Vision

Our Aim

* To develop noble qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion among staff and students.
* To imbibe the sprit of quest and zest with a scientific temper and make them environment friendly.
* To promote responsibility and discipline in wide choice of academics, aesthetic and athletic environments enriched in the pursuit of discovery, challenge and competitiveness

Our Vision and Missions

Our objectives are to turn the potentialities of the child into casualities, to make him/her proactive and ethical, academically proficient, morally upright, socially responsible, cultural, traditional and heritage sensitive, and inspire him/her to be a promoter of a better environment for global leadership. At Candor Shrine i School we envision our students to be futuristic and knowledge oriented with concern and commitment to social, ecological and economic environment.

Our Commitment

To offer complete, competent and compassionate services in teaching, writing, mentoring and moulding the young generation to discover their purpose and potential to achieve excellence and inspire them to reachout of their dreams, values and convictions for a better personality and global standards.

The pre-primary curriculum is designed and formulated with utmost care, interest and review. The K.G. and Montessori syllabus is well planed and taught exclusively in play-way method. Beyond the tottlerdom, children not only innovate but also get involved in execution. We strongly support them with our strategic inputs and suggest for their developing and demonstrating capabilities.

The core academic delivery of CSIS is focused on six sigma quotients of intellectual creativity, physical, emotional, social and cognizant development fostering a caring and holistic environment. Leadership Testimony is inculcated though motivation on regular basis besides emphasis laid on self-discipline, values & virtues for developing ‘Character’ par excellence. Knowledge based field trips are conducted for better understanding of the subject content providing an environment free of all limitations, pride and prejudices.

A conceptualized subject coverage with systematic problem solving skills and streamlined stress-free curriculum is implemented through ‘Calendar of Events’ to avoid tuition menace. Objective & written tests are conducted periodically to identify the merit stalwarts among classes VI to XII and to prepare them for ACT programs and IIT / AIEEE / EAMCET orientation through result oriented programs in Math & Science. This helps students to develop analytical and applicative skills based on rationalistic thought and delegation quadrant. A daily practice of home task along with emphasis on Maths/Science practice and study sessions is a regular practice on the working days.

Academic Excellence through personality development is a part of Teacher-Parent interactions conducted periodically after the Assessments and Terminal Exams. Subject mastery with mental ability, logical thinking and personal competency is the special focus of Candor Shrine School to develop global leaders with a sharp thought and technological brilliance.

The piecemeal approach of giving justified information and not overloading students with exhaustive knots of knowledge in the teaching-learning process is the string secret of our success. Life bring inherently transformational, every activity or programme organized in our institution makes the child creative and question to himself to the end of the day…. ‘what did I learn to do differently today?’ Academic Programmes like… Maths Marathon, Science Bits parade, Regular Assignments, Talent Search Exams etc., besides the regular exams and tests form the main core of curriculum. The group norms and behavior patterns are well expressed through collective attitudes of human values… that govern the DNA of staff potential. Those students with impressionable minds are structured into fine finished products before they depart from the hallowed portals of Candor Shrine prepared for an arduous journey to compete as a world citizen. The passing out students of Candor Shrine sharpen their core identity of habit patterns, perspectives and world views and develop their internal navigation system before they sail out into the global educational challenges.

Shri Vani Vaishnavi Educational Society was founded by E. Malla Reddy, and members of their family, friends and well-wishers to impart education in a stress-free environment. Candor Shrine i Senior Secondary School, Hyderabad, was started by the Society to provide value-based education in a stress-free environment with equal onus on academic competence. Our school’s name is derived from the Latin word “candere”, which means “to shine”. It stands for openness, impartiality, frankness and purity. As the founders of the school, we believe in “candor” and aim to infuse this quality into our students and those associated with the school. Our emblem embodies the essence of joy and happiness. Candor Shrine i Senior Secondary School(CSIS) is situated on 2 acres of land in the vicinity of Hayathnagar on the National Highway No-9. It is a co-educational, day and residential school that offers modern facilities of highest order. Providing education in a holistic manners, at the same time ensuring excellence in all its aspects is the hallmark of Candor Shrine i Senior Secondary School, Hyderabad. Here every student is special. The talent, skill and the ability of each student is identified, nurtured and encouraged to reach greater heights. There is openness and room for parents to participate in the welfare and growth of their wards. We provide space for children to think, express, habit their skills and also empower them to negotiate several issues that confront them- the teacher being a facilitator.

  •  Affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi
  •  Technology enabled class rooms with smart boards.
  •  IKEN learning tools for Pre-Primary for LSRW skill mastery.
  •  Day-Scholar & Residential systems – co-education, CBSE Syllabi, Nur – XII class, (VI – XII classes Integrated syllabus), separate hostel facility for boys and girls.
  •  Well planned Sports & Fitness programs.
  •  Facilitations in audio-visual, computer, linguistic & literacy programmes
  •  Sophisticated Computer lab with multi-media & Internet facility.
  •  Well equipped & furnished science laboratories separately for Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  •  Concept based competitions in Math, Science, English, General Knowledge & Cyber Olympiads.
  •  Inter-house competitions in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  •  Special focus on Music, Dance, Drawing, Yoga, Karate, etc., as per the student’s interest.
  •  Meritorious students encouraged through rewards, awards and cash incentives.
  •  Personalized attention and surveillance on every individual.
  •  A world class education at a very little cost.
  •  To create an aura of elegance through advanced infrastructural facilities.
  •  Stress free and fun-learning environment through e-learning modules and interactive skills.
  •  Kindergarten play school with parental care concept.
  •  To coach and conceptualize students for prestigious competitive exams like….. IIT / AIEEE / JIPMER / AFMC / EAMCET and other allied courses.
  •  To provide quality education and career building through motivation sessions.
  •  To provide ECLECTIC approach of pro-active practices of multiple intelligence.
  •  To impart stimulating and child centered curriculum through Life Skills and Soft Skills.
  •  To disseminate advance knowledge in communicative and leadership skills.
  •  To create a path-breaking educational institution that keeps pace with the rapid strides being made in the field of Knowledge.
  •  That provides perceptive teaching that awakens the creative and leadership skills dormant in every individual.
  •  That provides ample opportunities for every student to excel in a whole range of extra-curricular activities, including sports.
  •  That stresses on kindness, generosity and the humanizing power of the individual soul.

To make the school a global centre of excellence. To groom a new generation of students to become leaders of tomorrow. TO organize exchange programmes that will broaden the worldview of our toppers in academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities. TO prepare the student for competitive examinations like..... IIT, NEET, IIM, NALSAR, CA, NDA, IAS, IPS, NTSE etc.