Admission process for all the students in Candor Shrine i Senior Secondary School is as follows.

  •   For LKG & UKG

Oral test consists of Recognizing Colors, Vegetables and Name of Self etc.

  •   For Grade I & Grade II

Three Letter word spelling, Simple addition , Ability to Speak Little English.

  •   For Grade III, IV & Grade V

  •   Test in English & Maths.
  •   Maths: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication division, fractions, and Simple geometrical figures etc.
  •   English: Ability to Speak in English, Missing Litters, formation of words with given alphabets etc.

  •   For Grade VI TO Grade X

  •   Test will be in English, Science & Maths regarding previous Years Syllabus in general.
  •   It includes STATE, CBSE and ICSE .Test will be of objective type with duration of one hour.
  •   Note: Candidates have to score, minimum 40% in the respective tests

  •   For Grade XI & XII:

  •   Grade XI & Grade XII

  •   IIT (JEE) NEET examinations are conducted by CBSE Board only.
  •    IIT (JEE) and NEET programme continued for 18 months without any disturbance of board exams because they don’t have XI Class Public Exam.
  •    Sufficient time available for the student to prepare for competitive exam.
  •   CBSE programme is more suitable for BITSAT, AFMC & NDA Exams
  •   In lieu of Telugu / Sanskrit / Hindi you can opt for Sports & Games.
  •   Majority of students are selected to IIT & NEET are from CBSE only
  •    CBSE Syllabus is more friendly and interesting to study. XII Board Exam results are mostly favourable and very few students fail in CBSE Exam.
  •   State X & ICSE students also can join in CBSE XI & XII.
  •    Most of administrators of country have rationalistic thought, applicative mind and like wise. CBSE curriculum is the main essence of it.
  •   CBSE curriculum personality adds to figure.